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Phytoremedia Sp. z oo uses a group of international experts and an extensive database of laboratory, field tests and successful projects to assure that this cost-effective approach to remediation is considered and expertly evaluated at your site.

We operate a testing facility in Poland using actual samples from your location. The company offers a multi-year contract that is evaluated each year based on the progress made.

Achieving the target levels of contaminants can take two to ten years. Not all sites can use phytoremediation due the nature and concentration of contaminants. But where it can be used it is 90% less expensive than excavation and 80% cheaper than other in situ processes.  


Phyto-Remedia is dedicated to applying cost-effective and environmentally friendly remediation to a wide variety of contaminated land. We are taking decades of laboratory and field studies and applying the acquired knowledge to commercial-scale clean-up. Our company also conducts technical studies both in a controlled environment and in field locations to improve the efficiency of phytoremediation.

  • Poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

  • Explosives

  • PCBs

  • Heavy metals

  • Petroleum-related wastes

  • And a variety of other pollutants

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