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Site assessment form


Please fill out the form in order to faster assess the possibility of using phytoremediation in your area:

Project Information

Please provide the following additional analytical data if available:
⦁ Site maps and cross-sections showing source / treatment area and isoconcentration contours (if applicable)
⦁ Laboratory analytical results summary table of all contaminants and for all relevant media
⦁ Title 22 Total Metals Testing (EPA 200.7, EPA 6010B, EPA 6010C) or equivalent tests
⦁ TCLP Metals Testing (method 1311) and / or SPLP Method 1312 Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure
⦁ Is the contaminated material in its original location or has it been excavated and stockpiled?
⦁ Is the contaminated area at an active / inactive facility or being used for a commercial purpose?

Attach a file

All data provided will treated treated as confidential. Phytoremedia Sp. z o.o agrees to use any informsation provided solely for the development and evaluation of a remedial plan for the client submitting the data. 

Any third-party disclosure or use of the data must be cleared in writing in advance with the client, 

The client represents that the data is to the best of their knowledge accurate and descriptive of the site. 

In the event that additional data is required or the data supplied is inadequate for the purpose of assessing phytoremediation at the specified site, the parties agree that any additional data shall be provided by or paid for by the client with prior approval of both parties in writing.  

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